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Choosing the Perfect White Paint for the Exterior Restoration of At Random

Testing paint colors for the restoration of a historic cocktail lounge in Milwaukee At Random
Testing Paint Colors


When it comes to the exterior restoration of a historic cocktail lounge like At Random, selecting the right white paint color is crucial. White paint exudes elegance, enhances architectural details, and evokes a timeless charm that complements the historical significance of the building. Of the hundreds (thousands?) of varieties of white paint, we have narrowed our selection to four options from Sherwin Williams - SW 7102 White Flour, SW 6084 Modest White, SW 7002 Downy, and SW 7100 Arcade White. We have finalized the color of the trim - Dark Green (SW0016 Billard Green) and Lighter Green (SW 0060 Alexandrite) to help you create a harmonious and visually appealing restoration.

1. SW 7102 White Flour:

White Flour is a crisp and clean white paint option that offers a classic look to any exterior restoration project. It provides a bright and fresh appearance, making it an ideal choice if you want to highlight the architectural details of the cocktail lounge. This shade of white complements both dark and lighter green trim colors, allowing the building to stand out while maintaining a cohesive aesthetic.

2. SW 6084 Modest White:

Modest White is a soft and warm white shade that adds a touch of warmth and elegance to the exterior of the cocktail lounge. It creates a subtle contrast with the trim colors and imparts a refined and understated appeal. Modest White is an excellent choice if you want to create a sophisticated and inviting atmosphere while maintaining a classic white look.

3. SW 7002 Downy:

For a slightly more subdued white option, consider Downy. It is an off-white shade that exudes a hint of gray undertones, lending a sense of depth and character to the exterior of the cocktail lounge. Downy provides a soft and sophisticated backdrop that complements the dark and lighter green trim colors, creating a visually appealing contrast.

4. SW 7100 Arcade White:

Arcade White is a warm and creamy white paint that adds a touch of nostalgia to the restoration project. It has a slightly yellow undertone, evoking a vintage aesthetic that resonates well with historic buildings. Arcade White pairs beautifully with both the dark and lighter green trim colors, creating a harmonious and classic combination. Personally, I feel this is the closest to my memory of At Random.

Trim Colors:

For the trim colors, Sherwin Williams offers two stunning options - Dark Green (SW0016 Billard Green) and Lighter Green (SW 0060 Alexandrite). We will be using both of these colors to accentuate architectural details such as window frames, doorways, and moldings, adding depth and visual interest to the cocktail lounge's exterior.

1. Dark Green - SW0016 Billard Green:

Billard Green is a deep and rich dark green that creates a striking contrast against the white exterior paint. This color choice adds a sense of sophistication and complements the historic nature of the cocktail lounge. It provides a traditional and timeless look, perfect for enhancing the building's character and charm.

2. Lighter Green - SW 0060 Alexandrite:

For some areas, Alexandrite is the best choice. This pale green shade offers a refreshing and subtle contrast against the white exterior paint. It brings a touch of nature-inspired beauty and a sense of tranquility to the cocktail lounge, creating an inviting and calming ambiance. This is very close to the green everyone associates with At Random (though there were many shades of green on the exterior).

We have put some large samples on the side of the building and are observing them under different light conditions, from bright morning sun to sultry evening light. Swing by and take a look, they should be up for the next week or so. If you have any feelings on which white is best, leave a comment here, we'd love to hear from you!

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