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And we have a winner… Arcade White!

Arcade White, the color of At Random Cocktail Lounge by Sherwin Williams
Arcade White, the color of At Random Cocktail Lounge


We are thrilled to provide an update on the exterior restoration of our historic cocktail lounge project. After careful consideration and extensive testing, we are excited to announce that we have chosen SW 7100 Arcade White from Sherwin Williams as the perfect white paint color for our restoration. In this follow-up blog post, we will dive deeper into the qualities and charm of SW 7100 Arcade White, explaining why it is the ideal choice for enhancing the timeless elegance of our beloved cocktail lounge.

1. Captivating Nostalgia:

SW 7100 Arcade White captures the essence of nostalgia and pays homage to the bygone era of our cocktail lounge's origins. With a slight yellow undertone, this warm and creamy white paint color resonates with the vintage aesthetic we sought to embrace. It reflects the elegance and sophistication associated with historic buildings, creating a truly enchanting ambiance.

2. Harmonious Contrast:

The pairing of SW 7100 Arcade White with the dark and lighter green trim colors we previously discussed—such as Dark Green (SW0016 Billard Green) or Lighter Green (SW 0060 Alexandrite)—is a match made in restoration heaven. The contrast between the white exterior and the lush green trim adds depth, visual interest, and a touch of nature-inspired beauty to the cocktail lounge's façade.

3. Timeless Elegance:

Arcade White stands the test of time with its classic appeal. It evokes a sense of refined elegance that seamlessly integrates with the architectural details of our historic cocktail lounge. By choosing SW 7100 Arcade White, we ensure that our restoration project maintains its timeless charm while staying true to its historical significance.

4. Enhanced Architectural Details:

One of the highlights of Arcade White is its ability to accentuate the architectural features of our cocktail lounge. The paint color beautifully highlights intricate moldings, window frames, and other captivating elements, creating a stunning visual impact. It allows the true beauty of the building's design to shine through, captivating visitors and passersby alike.

5. Neighborhood Harmony:

Our choice of SW 7100 Arcade White also takes into account the surrounding environment and neighborhood. This white paint color harmonizes seamlessly with other historical buildings in the area while still allowing our cocktail lounge to stand out as a unique restoration project. It respects the overall aesthetic of the neighborhood while preserving the individuality of our cherished establishment.


We are thrilled to have chosen SW 7100 Arcade White from Sherwin Williams for the exterior restoration of our historic cocktail lounge. Its captivating nostalgia, harmonious contrast with green trim colors, timeless elegance, enhanced architectural details, and neighborhood harmony make it the perfect choice for preserving the charm and legacy of our beloved establishment. We eagerly anticipate the completion of the restoration project, knowing that SW 7100 Arcade White will breathe new life into our cocktail lounge, captivating visitors and continuing its storied history for generations to come.

Now we are so excited to get the paint on the siding, look forward to seeing some color progress in the next week or two.

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