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The Mystique of Hidden Windows: A Restoration Revelation

Hey there, fans! Join me on an exciting journey as we explore some hidden treasures in this old building. Can you believe it? Tucked away for almost a century, there were nine windows waiting to be discovered! Now, that's what I call a surprise.

Picture this: as we peeled off two layers of siding, the original clapboard revealed four simple yet charming double hung windows in the main bar room. While they were no longer used or exposed to the inside, it was a delightful find indeed, shedding light on the room's original layout and design. They also explained why some areas in the bar were unreasonably hot in the summer and cold in the winter!

Heading towards the front of the building during the ongoing remodel, we had photos showing that there were stained glass windows that once adorned the storefront. Now, you'd think the stained glass was long gone, right? Well, hold on to your hats, because what did we find when we tore in tho the first boarded up window? A nearly intact stained glass window sitting beautifully in its frame, with 12 colored stained glass panes and one clear pane. Jackpot!

Oh, but it gets better, my friends. Can you believe there were five more stained glass windows hidden away, looking almost flawless under the boarded-up openings? Talk about a stroke of luck! Only two out of the 65 panes were broken, and the rest were in splendid condition, requiring just a bit of tender loving care.

Now, restoration projects often take you on a journey, and in this case, the building itself seemed to guide the way. With such amazing architectural pieces at hand, there is no other option but to lovingly clean them up and reintegrate them into the restored facade. Sure, they might not be from the mid-century era, but they're bursting with color and uniqueness that will blend wonderfully with the cocktail lounge vibe, especially when softly backlit with a warm amber glow.

Stepping back and looking at the building's facade with those exposed stained glass windows, everything suddenly makes sense. It all just clicks, and we can't help but feel grateful that someone from the past left us such a remarkable gift, a window into history itself.

So, my fellow adventurers, let's raise our glasses to the past and the present, as we savor this architectural gem and celebrate the beauty of hidden windows brought back to life!

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