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Ron Zeller Obituary

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

Shirley and Ron Zeller pose with a Tiki Love Bowl, one of their signature drinks.
Shirley and Ron Zeller

With a somber heart, we share the news of Ron Zeller's passing, the visionary founder behind At Random, who peacefully left us at the age of 92.

Before our acquisition of At Random in 2018, Ron, alongside his wife Shirley and son Randy, graced the bar nearly every day, offering exceptional drinks and warm hospitality to our cherished guests. The spirit of At Random always radiated the perfect blend of music, lighting, and ambiance, turning each visit into a stroke of good fortune. Those fortunate enough to occupy a seat and enjoy a drink personally crafted and served by Ron understood that they were in the presence of a truly extraordinary individual.

Ron was a remarkable man whose contributions to At Random and the Bay View community were immeasurable and he will be missed.

Ron Zeller, founder of At Random Cocktail Lounge, in 1964 with is wife Shirley Zeller
Ron Zeller in 1964

John Dye, Ron Zeller, and Shirley Zeller the day Ron and Shirley handed the keys to John.
John Dye, Ron Zeller, and Shirley Zeller

Ron Zeller celebrates his 80th birthday at At Random Cocktail Lounge in Milwaukee.  Ron was the owner of At Random until 2018, he passed away in 2023.
Ron Zeller of At Random Cocktail Lounge on his 80th Birthday

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