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Facade Restoration - Mid Century Details

Updated: Jul 1, 2023

As we analyze what makes the facade of At Random Cocktail Lounge unique, one thing that became very apparent is how much the adornments of the exterior contribute to it's mid-century feel. Milwaukee is not a city that was built in the 1950s, but a lot of the most famous buildings and businesses got their start in the mid-century.

Starting in 1964, the owners of At Random did what a lot of businesses did, they dressed up an aging Victorian commercial building with mid century jewelry. Awnings, signs, bullet lighting and Z Brick were used to give a feeling of modernity to the structure. At one time Milwaukee was full of these mid century jewels; and while their numbers are now dwindling, there are till a lot of greta examples of victorian/MCM mash ups on the streets of Milwaukee.

We will be approaching this restoration like we approach all historic bar restorations,, we will pick out the elements that give the space their unique identity and will do all we can to preserve and accentuate those elements.

It is our goal to preserve the facade by enhancing the mid century details, but also not hiding what the building is - a Victorian commercial structure from the late 1800s.

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