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Exploring July's Cocktail of the Month, the Mezcal Mai Tai: A Summery Twist on a Classic

Mezcal Raspberry Mai Tai at At Random in Milwaukee Wisconsin.  July Cocktail of the Month.
Mezcal Mai Tai

As summer continues to beckon us with its warm embrace, the quest for refreshing and unique cocktails becomes all the more enticing. This July, we invite you to indulge in our cocktail of the month, the Mezcal Mai Tai created for the occasion by our very own Rachel Niemann. This cocktail is a delightful variation that infuses the tropical essence of a classic Mai Tai with the smoky allure of mezcal, complemented by the vibrant sweetness of raspberry. Join us as we delve into the world of this month's featured cocktail, exploring its origins, flavor profile, and the perfect occasions to enjoy it.

The Roots of the Mai Tai:

Before we dive into the Mezcal Raspberry Mai Tai, let's take a moment to appreciate the classic Mai Tai cocktail. Originally crafted by the legendary Victor J. Bergeron, also known as Trader Vic, in the 1940s, the Mai Tai has become an icon of tropical mixology. This Polynesian-inspired drink has since undergone various interpretations, with mixologists around the world putting their own spin on this beloved tiki cocktail. At At Random we have our own version that has created by Ron Zeller in the 1960s.

Introducing the Mezcal Twist:

Enter the Mezcal Mai Tai, a creative twist on the classic recipe. This tantalizing variation incorporates mezcal, a spirit derived from the agave plant, renowned for its smoky and earthy flavor profile. The addition of raspberry and cassis adds a burst of sweetness and a touch of tartness, balancing the richness of the mezcal and complementing the tropical elements of the original Mai Tai.

Flavor Profile:

The Mezcal Raspberry Mai Tai offers a sensory experience that intertwines the smoky notes of mezcal with the vibrant flavors of raspberries. With each sip, you'll encounter the enchanting fusion of earthiness, tropical zest, and the subtle tartness of the fruit. The result is a perfectly balanced cocktail that lingers on the palate, delivering a refreshing and complex taste.

Stop in and try one soon!

As the July heat continues to envelop us, the Mezcal Mai Tai emerges as the perfect cocktail to beat the summer swelter in Milwaukee.. With its fusion of tropical vibes, smoky undertones, and the vibrant sweetness of raspberry, this cocktail brings a refreshing twist to the classic Mai Tai. Available through the month of July and, the best part, it's only $8 during our famous cocktail happy hour, Sunday through Thursday, 5pm-8pm, And, while this drink is the perfect patio sipper, the happy hour special is only available inside our beautiful lounge.

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