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A new Dorothy mug colorway - Fiesta Orange!

Updated: Jul 8, 2023

At Random "Dorothy" tiki mug in Fiesta orange designed by Pete Klockau of the Black Lagoon Room in Milwaukee
At Random Dorothy Tiki Mug designed by Pete Klockau of the Black Lagoon Room

Introducing Fiesta Orange: The Sizzling New Specialty Tiki Mug Colorway at At Random Cocktail Lounge!

Attention all cocktail enthusiasts and tiki mug collectors! We have some exciting news to share with you. At Random Cocktail Lounge, known for our eclectic drink creations and historic mid century atmosphere, is thrilled to introduce our newest Dorothy mug colorway: Fiesta Orange! Get ready to embrace the sizzling spirit of summer with this eye-catching addition to our collection.

Picture yourself sitting back, enjoying your favorite cocktail in our exclusive Fiesta Orange mug. This vivid hue will transport you to a tropical paradise, where the sunsets are as refreshing as the drinks themselves. The warm, vibrant orange color captures the essence of joy, celebration, and fiesta—a perfect complement to an evening at At Random.

Designed by Pete Klockau of The Black Lagoon Room with meticulous attention to detail, the Fiesta Orange mug boasts an artistic blend of form and function.

As you delve into the world of mid century cocktails at At Random, the Fiesta Orange mug will enhance your experience. Our talented team of bartenders has developed a selection of exclusive cocktails tailored to the vibrancy of this new colorway.

Not only does the Fiesta Orange mug elevate your drinking experience, but it also serves as a beautiful addition to your home bar or collection. Its bold color and striking design make it a captivating conversation starter, perfect for entertaining guests or adding a touch of flair to your personal space. Display it proudly and let its lively energy infuse your surroundings. Plus it looks amazing as a planter with your favorite succulent.

At At Random Cocktail Lounge, we pride ourselves on providing a unique and unforgettable experience for our guests. Let the Fiesta Orange mug be the embodiment of fun and adventure during your next visit.

Join us at At Random Cocktail Lounge and be one of the first to experience the electrifying Fiesta Orange mug. Whether you're a seasoned mixology aficionado or a casual cocktail lover, this bold addition to our specialty mug collection is sure to ignite your passion for fantastic flavors and mid century design.

Don't miss out on the chance to sip your favorite libations in style. Come on down to At Random Cocktail Lounge today and immerse yourself in the vivid energy of the Fiesta Orange mug. Cheers to the vibrant hues of summer and the exhilarating world of cocktail mixing and patio sitting!

And, the classic blue colorway is still available, it's too beautiful to discontinue.

Evan't Dorothy mug in action, used as a plant holder.

Our friend Evan sent us this photo of his Dorothy mug in use as a planter. That makes an awesome Milwaukee souvenir!

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