Before You Visit

At Random is a traditional ​cocktail lounge, opened in 1964.  We are very proud of our unique, perfectly preserved environment and our fantastic mid-century cocktails. We want everyone to have a good time when they visit, but it is important to keep in mind that we are not a bar, we are a cocktail lounge and a certain amount of 'cocktail lounge etiquette' is expected.  

Before you visit us, please keep in mind the following

  1. You must be 21 to enter At Random.  We do not make exceptions for designated drivers, minors under the supervision of a parent, or underage spouses.  We suggest you wait for your child's 21st birthday, then bring them in for a cocktail. You will both enjoy the experience far more.    

  2. We do not accept reservations, but waits are generally pretty short for couples and small groups.  We cannot seat you until a majority of your party has arrived.

  3. Our lounge is very dark, even during the daytime hours.   You and your date will both look 32-54% more attractive under our unique amber lighting.   

  4. Because our environment is so dark, we cannot allow flash photography.  Please turn off your flash and, while you're at it, silence your phone.  Remember, you are entering 1964.  

  5. Everyone must order a drink at At Random.  We have something for every taste, including non-alcoholic drinks.  If you chose not to order a drink, you will be charged a $3 seat charge.    When it comes to our seat charge, our tiki love bowl serves two (if you don't know what this means, you will after you visit!).  

  6. We love celebrations and groups, but it can be very difficult to accommodate groups over 6 people.  We add a 20% gratuity on all tables of 8 or more.  

  7.  You must be seated to be served a drink.  As my grandfather used to say, that's why they call it a lounge and not a stand.

  8. We do not have a dress code, but we do ask that you dress like you are visiting a cocktail lounge.  In 1964.  

  9. Our cocktails are made by hand, one at a time, and can take longer to prepare than a cocktail at your local bar.  We could cut corners to increase our efficiency, but we think our drinks are pretty great as they are!

  10. Many of our ingredients and recipes are secret.  This is a Milwaukee cocktail lounge tradition that dates back before the start of At Random.  If you have allergies, please inform your bartender or server.  

  11. We take credit card deposits for some of our glassware, including the Tiki Love Bowl.  Please understand that we still use some antique glassware that is nearly impossible to replace.  

  12. We accept major credit cards and cash.  Cash is always preferred.